A Brief Guide to Facilitate a Quick Sale of your Farm and Land

10th August 2018

A wide range of factors need to be considered in the modern farm and land market, however Property Preparation involving the Professionals, i.e. your land agent and agricultural solicitors at an early stage, prior to launching is crucial.


Nowadays it is all about detail, detail, detail. Farms and land can either sell incredibly quickly or take numerous months to complete which can be frustrating for all parties involved. When your land or farm receives an offer which is accepted, you are asked to complete ‘enquiries before contract’, which are answers to detailed questions about the property raised by the buyer.


The following are some examples and those which consideration should be given to prior to marketing your farm or land:


  • Is the property registered with the Land Registry?
  • Where are the Deeds?
  • Are there any covenants, clawbacks or rights of way which may affect the land? A solicitor may commission a ‘report on title’ which will reveal all these issues and allow proper consideration of them prior to sale.
  • “Well lad, I have always used that track to access my land” just doesn’t wash anymore! The buyer’s solicitor will almost certainly demand there is a document in place which details such legal rights, or an indemnity insurance policy is in place to overcome the absence of such. I have seen a land sale held up for several months on this type of query.
  • Other information required includes but is not limited to: Energy performance certificate, plans, floor plans, boundary maintenance responsibilities, crop yield records, drainage plans, floor plans, planning permission certificates, BPS and entitlements details, stewardship agreements, Wayleave agreements, details of any easements, chancel repair, details of services for electricity, water, sewerage, planning history.


By dealing with these details before the property is launched, it will save you time and money and speed up the completion process.


On a final note, keep taking photographs especially during the summer months. A picture speaks a thousand words! What is better in a brochure than a beautifully blue sky over a very green field of grass. It is also worth considering having drone photography taken when the property is looking at its best.


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