A66 Dualling – Public Consultation Opens

22nd May 2019


The Non-statutory Consultation on the Dualling of the A66 provides a two-month window for those wanting to air their views and provide feedback. 

The new proposals to dual the last 18 miles of the A66 have now been published by Highways England. Non-statutory Public Consultation opened this week and closes on Thursday 11th July 2019. The consultation will include public meetings and opportunities for individuals, businesses and groups to provide their ideas and feelings about the routes which have been outlined.

The upgrading of the A66 is considered to be a national priority, is considered both a heavily used strategic economic route and a current blackspot, prone to accidents and closures due to the many remaining single carriageway sections. 8 sections of the A66 are due to be upgraded, with many offering alternative routes.

Thomas Armstrong, Associate Director and Chartered Surveyor based at our Carlisle offices has been reviewing the proposals with the wider team. He urges those who might be affected to examine the proposals: “You should analyse and respond to this public consultation in order to allow Highways England to consider all responses, and compile them into the consultation report that will produce the final recommendations.

“These will refine the option designs, incorporating the comments provided where practical, and complete the assessment work. It is therefore vital that all parties are represented thoroughly during this stage.”

Comments are required to help the Highways Agency better understand the local area and any potential impacts that the proposed project may have on businesses, property, and access. Local views on impacts on local heritage and amenities are also needed. This feedback will then be considered before selecting the preferred option.

From experience, Thomas adds: “Rights of access, rights for services and drainage, and potential accommodation works required needs to be considered at the earliest stage of the process. After the consultation, we are advised that the preferred route will be announced during Spring 2020.

“We have recently undertaken a similar project with regard to the Carlisle Southern Bypass and we had a successful response from Highways England with regard to several issues raised during the consultation period.

In terms of this consultation for the A66 Trans-Pennine Routes Dualling, Thomas would encourage everyone affected in some shape or form to have their views known and to seek professional advice on the options proposed and the impacts it may have.

“H&H Land and Property will represent the interest of affected parties throughout the consultation, so if you wish to have your views and ideas added to the submission please get in touch after you have looked at the proposals”, concluded Thomas.

Details of the scheme, including a full assessment of the different options which are available for some the routes can be seen at: https://highwaysengland.citizenspace.com/cip/a66-northern-trans-pennine/user_uploads/web—a66-ntp-consultation-brochure.pdf.


For more information, please call Thomas Armstrong at our Carlisle office on 01228 406260 or alternatively call Tim Sedgewick at our Durham office on 0191 370 8530.