County Durham Needs Your Views

5th July 2018

The County Durham Local Plan, Now open for Consultation and views Sought from Residents.


Durham County Council has recently announced the opening of The County Durham Local Plan, setting out until 2035 a range of development proposals and planning policies.


Various consultation events have been set up from Monday 2nd July through until Thursday 19th July across County Durham. David Quayle, Director and Chartered Surveyor for H&H Land and Property advises that, “If you want to have your say on any aspects of your local plan, this is your chance.”


The Council has made allocations for housing, employment, new roads and environment protection and is seeking views of local residents. The local plan will also be supporting development such as major transport links, new or expanded schools, healthcare provision and community facilities.


David says, “We are already working with a number of people who have previously made representations to the Council with regard to the plan. This includes working with landowners who may be affected by the proposals within the plan, particularly those who may be affected and/or disrupted by the proposed new relief roads around Durham City.”


Those potentially affected will also include tenants where landlords might have the land allocated for housing. “We have been working for people in relation to the SHLAA (Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment), which identifies Durham’s preferred options in terms of land that could be used for new developments,” adds David.


The plan also includes the aim of continuing economic growth and investment, securing more jobs, protection of over 250,000 hectares of County Durham’s natural environment and the improvement of vibrant communities.


For further information, please visit or contact the Durham office of H&H Land and Property on 0191 370 8530.