Farmers Benefitting from Multi Million Grant Scheme

18th July 2018

H&H Land and Property sees farmers across Cumbria Benefitting from an Innovative grant scheme, for cutting-edge equipment purchases across all sectors.


H&H Land and Property has been successful in obtaining Hundreds of Thousands of pounds worth of grants, for a number of rural investments, under the RPDE Countryside Productivity Grant Scheme. This grant funding is specifically aimed at helping to improve the existing farm business, by allowing farmers to invest into innovative technologies which they may previously not have been able to do. The good news for farmers is that the application window for grant funding available, under this scheme, is still open.

The successful grants have included; milking robots, slurry handling, and egg packaging equipment, together with applications through LEADER, for an equestrian enterprise and tourism businesses. To date, the team at H&H Land and Property have secured £448,000 in approved grants, on behalf of our clients, and a further £333,000 is awaiting approval.

Giving background, Tracey Jackson, Associate and Chartered Surveyor with H&H Land and Property, said: “The Improving Farm Productivity Grant Scheme provides a wealth of opportunity for farmers wishing to invest in a variety of new and advancing technologies. There is a real focus for farms to embrace emerging technologies and we have already represented farmers who are keen to progress their business and improve outputs, without having to increase their overheads to improve production.”

“One great example of this are milking robots. Through the introduction and use of robot technology and computerised management systems, milk yields can be increased, without the need to expand the herd.”

The grant funding focuses on the following areas: improving efficiency, introducing innovation, improving slurry application, introducing innovative technology and making use of renewable energy produced on the farm. There is a long list of approved cutting-edge technology, which includes robotic egg packer and stacker equipment, robotic weeders, advanced digestate processing systems, heat distribution and battery storage systems.

The grants are for a minimum of £35,000, and can cover up to 40% of the eligible costs of the project. Therefore, the minimum total eligible cost of the project would be £87,500. The deadline for the grant application is Monday 3rd December 2018.

We have also assisted clients in applying for the small grant scheme, which provided 40% of grant funding on a variety of agricultural equipment, for example; sheep handling facilities, calf feeders, cattle crushes, seed drills and dribble bars. This round of funding has now closed, however we are anticipating that there will be a second round of small grant funding in the autumn months.”

If you require assistance in submitting a grant application, please do not hesitate to contact either Tracey Jackson or Jonathan Hird, at the Carlisle office of H&H Land and Property, on 01228 406260.