Full Farm Plans

4th November 2017

As you may be aware the RPA have ceased offering full farm RLR plans online and only allow you to download single field parcel plans from the Rural Payments web site. Here at HHLP we offer clients the service of preparing maps of their entire holding using up to date software and data. These can be overlain with your data or annotated as you wish to include the following:-

  • field numbers,
  • areas (ha/ac),
  • your own field names,
  • this year’s/historic cropping,
  • re-seed dates,
  • drainage plans,
  • water troughs/pipes,
  • overhead/underground utilities
  • statutory designations (SSSIs, etc)

We can also assist clients making boundary changes with the RPA, provide new field numbers and provide new maps to the RPA to update their system. In addition, we can prepare Land Registry compliant plans for all types of land transactions.