New Plan Creates Opportunity for Consultation on Dualling of A66

27th March 2019

“New plans which propose the dualling of the A66 are bringing with it the opportunity for Public Consultation. So if you think you are going to be affected it is critical to get your voice heard in the early stages, as further into the scheme it will be difficult to get any changes made” advises Tracey Jackson, Associate and Chartered Surveyor at H&H Land and Property.

This scheme looks to increase connectivity between both Scotland and England, as well as the East-West route across the Pennines. Improvements to the A66 are potentially to be made between the M6 at Penrith (Junction 40) and the A1 at Scotch Corner. Keeping the transport moving with the dualling project could bring benefits to the local economy and ensure safe roads for the future.

During the public consultation period from 14th May and throughout June 2019, the Northern Trans-Pennine project will engage with local assessments of the impacts, and seek to address any concerns regarding the planned improvements.

“So what landowners and occupiers need to seriously think about,” says Tracey, “is how the plans will affect them: if access points will be cut off or if land will be severed, these are typical things to look out for.”

H&H Land and Property have extensive experience in representing clients who have been similarly impacted by other Highway expansion projects. Local knowledge helps them to successfully represent client interests, getting their comments or compulsory purchase matters to be taken on board at the planning stage.

“Prior to the adoption of scheme, people are given a chance to have their views and representations taken into account by Highways England. So it really is important that farmers, landowners and property occupiers take note of the significance of the Public Consultation timetable. ”

Objections to the proposals, the route, or the works, must be fed back to the agency within the allocated period for them to be considered. Also, in most cases, any professional fees incurred in claimant assistance will be reimbursed by the acquiring agency when settling compensation claims.

H&H has a strong reputation for offering professionally sound advice to those who wish to claim against particular details of highway expansion plans, helping avoid negative impacts on their land or property. “We urge anyone who would like to seek advice to get in touch as soon as possible, as the proposals will be released illustrating options and potential routes in the coming weeks.”

If you would like any further information or assistance with land and property issues, please call the H&H Land and Property Team at any of our offices – Carlisle: 01228 406260; Kendal: 01539 721375; North East Office: 0191 370 8530” or email