Pipeline Commissioned

2nd March 2017

After two long years of hard work, we are pleased to be part of Hartlepool Water’s announcement that the new water pipeline from Dalton Piercy to Amerston Hall has been commissioned ahead of schedule. The scheme was to deliver 5.5km of 355mm diameter single pipeline from the pumping station located at Dalton Piercy to provide up to 82l/s from the existing storage reservoir supplying the Wynyard Area.

After facing many challenges along the way through various stages of the project, the new pipeline and pumping station was commissioned into supply on 28th Feb 2017. H&H Land and Property played a key role in this project in liaising with landowners with regards to claims and operations around normal farming practise. Although the whole project is not quite completed, we are pleased to hear that the construction phase is now complete so that we can move into the reinstatement phase of the ground and withdrawal from the site.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the landowners that have been impacted by the scheme for their co-operation in enabling the delivery of key utilities across their land.