Rural Evening Seminar

15th May 2017

Land Registration, The Legalities of Land Management, and ‘The Journey From Field To Plate’ Through The Eyes of a Family Run Retail Butcher, are the topics being covered in the first of a series of free rural seminars being hosted by H&H Land and Property’s Newtown St Boswell’s office.  With presentations from Edinburgh-based Lawyers Gillespie Macandrew LLP, Registers of Scotland and butcher and baker Forsyth’s of Peebles, H&H Land and Property have announced that their first seminar will take place on Wednesday 31st May.

During this inaugural event, Gillespie Macandrew LLP will give an update on agricultural law, Registers of Scotland will discuss the importance of pre-registering your Title Deeds and Forsyth’s of Peebles will provide an insight into the journey from ‘Field to Plate’ through the eyes of a family run retail butcher. Free to attend, this first seminar will commence at 6.30pm in Ring 1 of Newtown St Boswells Mart.

Giving some further background, James Murphy, Managing Director for H&H Land and Property who will chair the evening said: “These seminars are intended to give farmers and land owners the latest information on key issues affecting the industry. We want to help them drive their businesses forward, ensure that they are legal and to offer people the opportunity for open discussion with experts in their field.  Working together with Agrimart we have a tremendous line up of speakers at our first event and I do hope that people will take advantage of this opportunity.”

In recent times, there have been a considerable amount of updates and amendments to agricultural law which farmers and land owners really need to be aware of. Murray Soutar, Partner of Gillespie Macandrew LLP, will lead the evening with a discussion on these legislative changes which include amendments to the succession/assignation of tenancies, the improvements amnesty and the introduction and role of the Tenant Farming Commissioner.

With Scottish Government’s target of completing the Land Register by 2024, and there being so much farmland in Scotland, Registers of Scotland are proactively targeting farmers to pre-register their Title Deeds. They will address the options for Land Registry and will be giving detail of the benefits of the voluntary registration and pre – registering of your Title Deeds.

James is keen to highlight that: “Those who digitally register their Title Deeds as soon as possible, are ensuring that they are one one-step ahead of the game and give themselves an early advantage. Those farmer and land owners that do so, are more likely to be in control of protecting their own boundaries, especially if their neighbour has not pre-registered.”

Every week, Louise Forsyth of Forsyth’s of Peebles, buys the best prime cattle from Newtown St Boswells Mart and she, more than anyone, is aware of what the end consumer wants to buy.  However in recent years, consumer trends and eating habits have changed. In her presentation Louise will highlight to livestock farmers, what she is looking for in terms of carcass attributes, when she purchases her stock from the market. She  will also discuss the importance of keeping abreast of these changes and what farmers need to consider in their own beef and lamb production.

This evening seminar takes place at: Sheep Ring 1, Harrison & Hetherington’s Newtown St Boswells Auction Mart, TD6 0PP, on Wednesday 31st May 2017. For further information email us and/or to register your interest contact us on our office number 01835 344860 or call into the Gatehouse on the way to market.