Small Grant Scheme Round 2 Now Open

10th July 2019


H&H Land & Property welcomes the introduction of round 2 of the countryside productivity small grant scheme from DEFRA. The scheme promises to provide support for farmers in need of new equipment. The scheme is open to all farmers, including livestock, dairy, arable and horticultural sectors, and will provide up to 40% of the purchase price of an item, for claims of between £3,000 – £12,000. Applications for the grant opened on 9th July and must be submitted by midday on the 3rd September 2019.

The list of eligible equipment which is available under this small grant funding scheme is extensive and for livestock farmers includes, fixed and mobile (cattle, pig and sheep) handling systems, cattle crushes, squeeze bars, calving detectors, scales, sheep handlers and EID readers. Dairy farmers can look to secure funding for a range of technical equipment including specialist foot trimming crushes and calving detectors and heat detection equipment. Arable farmers can look for support for GPS precision farming equipment and Seed drills amongst those items listed. The list for round 2 is also more extensive, with 26 more items available this time around.

This scheme provides an opportunity for farmers to gain funding for a wide variety of equipment.  It is likely to be an extremely popular scheme, hence the small claim window. We advise those thinking about purchasing equipment to investigate this grant scheme as soon as possible.

The small print in the application process means that everything has to be documented correctly. You must check your Rural Payments record before you apply to make sure the details are up to date. The details on Rural Payments must exactly match the details you give in your application form. If they don’t, the application will be rejected.

We as a company have an enviable track record of securing grant funding on behalf of farming clients over many years, securing over £3,700,000 of grant funding for our clients from various grant schemes. We have also worked closely with local equipment suppliers in the past to the benefit of their customers.

Due to the 40% rule, the minimum spend on equipment must be more than £7,500 – the remaining 60% coming from your private sources.

If you may struggle to fund the purchase of the equipment upfront, H&H Farm Finance will be able to assist with a small term loan to fund the purchase of any equipment and organise a suitable farm finance package to pay back the amount over a suitable term which can be flexible to meet the needs of your business.

Items must not be ordered or bought before confirmation of the application has been approved. All items must be purchased before claims can be submitted. No more than 150 days is allowed between the approval of applications and submission of claims.

For help and advice about these schemes contact Jonathan Hird at Carlisle T: 01228 406260, Tim Sedgewick at Durham T: 0191 370 8530 or Mark Barrow at Kendal T: 01539 721375.