Land at Whitewall Farm

Great Asby, Appleby

CA16 6HE


By Tender

Available to let as a Whole under an agreement to be agreed by the parties for Five years. The commencement date to be agreed between the parties. Tender forms to be submitted to H&H Land and Proper

Call our CARLISLE office to arrange a viewing

01228 406260

Tender Return Date: 12.00 noon Wednesday 16th August 2017.

The land at Whitewall Farm is located approximately 1.5 miles to the West of the village of Great Asby.

The land at Whitewall Farm comprises seven field enclosures within a ring fenced of good quality upland grazing land. The land is currently down to permanent pasture and upland grazing.

The land is let for the purposes of grazing only and it is the preference of the Landlord that the land is grazed predominately by sheep with a small numbers of cattle.

The rent for the agreement will be payable six monthly in  advanced.

The Tenant will be responsible for insuring his own stock, crop and equipment.

The Tenant will not be allowed to sub-let, part with possession or take in stock in relation to any part of the Holding or to share occupation of the Holding